Our Solution

We need to be smarter about how we administer justice in New Mexico. Our state must refocus its correctional efforts on cost-effective, evidence based alternatives to incarceration that rehabilitate offenders and make our communities safer. By channeling low-level, non-violent offenders into alternative community-based programs, we can better provide programs that are proven to reduce crime, like mental health services, drug addiction treatment, and job training. The reduced congestion in our criminal justice system will free up law enforcement resources to focus on combating violent crimes and other serious offenses.

S.A.F.E. laws are smart laws

Every year New Mexico politicians flood the legislature with the same tired "tough-on-crime" proposals that have done nothing to actually make our communities safer. So how do we seperate these costly, ineffective policies from laws that are actually focused on preventing crime? Learn more about the simple set of S.A.F.E standards we use to measure whether laws help or hinder public safety.