The S.A.F.E. Standard

What kind of laws actually make us safer?

New Mexico SAFE has created a litmus test for legislation that can break through the gridlock, move New Mexico into the 21st century, and protect future victims from violent crime. New Mexico SAFE sets the standard for serious legislation to fix our broken system. We should ask whether a bill meets four simple standards in the S.A.F.E criteria:

  1. Does it make New Mexico SAFER for children and families?

    Tougher penalties do not correlate with a decrease in crime. Serious legislation must prevent tragedies before they happen to make New Mexico safer for children and families.

  2. Is it APOLITICAL?

    Too many politicians in New Mexico use tough-on-crime proposals to prop up their political campaigns. Serious legislation must address the problem of crime and public safety, not advance a political agenda.


    New Mexico has one of the nation’s most devastating budget crises. Any serious legislation must be fiscally responsible. If it doesn’t actually make communities safer, it’s not worth the money.


    Finally, serious legislation must be supported by evidence that it actually works. We cannot afford to waste time on bills that have no proven track record of reducing crime or increasing public safety, nor bills whose implementation has shown bias or inequitable treatment.