Our Solution

New Mexicans want safe and strong communities for their families. 

New Mexico SAFE seeks to move New Mexico toward a new model of criminal justice - one that is substantially smaller, smarter, and committed to the personal safety, health, equity, and dignity of every individual and all communities.  To accomplish this, the public debate around crime and its remedies must shift to a discussion fueled less by a desire for punishment and more by an understanding of the need to support our communities.  Accordingly, a sharp and pragmatic plan for increasing public safety will address the social and economic factors that have caused our state to have one of the highest crime rates in the country.

Our fundamental assumption is that leaders and organizations in every corner of the state already recognize that, when it comes to criminal justice, something needs to change.  New Mexico SAFE provides a platform for bringing these forces together in a powerful, broad-ranging coalition to accomplish that change.

S.A.F.E. laws are smart laws

In an effort to focus on sensible strategies to increase public safety in our state, New Mexico SAFE has created a litmus test to grade reforms. The idea is to spark a reality-based discussion about what laws will actually help keep New Mexicans safer, and what ones won’t. Based on the acronym “SAFE,” the litmus test has four parts.

Learn more about the simple set of S.A.F.E standards we use to measure whether laws help or hinder public safety.