2018 Legislative Scorecard

During legislative sessions, New Mexico SAFE scores priority public safety and criminal justice bills according to itsĀ S.A.F.E standard, a test to determine whether a proposed law will actually make New Mexicans safer or merely drain precious resources. Bills are graded A-F according to how well they pass the four grading criteria in the S.A.F.E. test. Scroll down to find the latest bills New Mexico SAFE has reviewed for the 2018 legislative session.

HB 19CS: Omnibus Crime Bill (B-)

HB 18: Three Strikes Enhancement (F)

HB 19, 25, 29: Firearm Enhancements (C)

HB 91: Alteration of Basic Sentence (D)

HB 116: Pre-Prosecution Diversion Program Eligibility (A-)

HB 155: Reinstate the Death Penalty (F)

HB 160: Nonviolent Offender Interventions (A)

HB 190/SB 243: Dual Sentencing for Youthful Offenders (D)

HB 262: Pretrial Risk Assessments for Bail (B)

HB 271: Revise Certain Criminal Penalties (A)

HB 279: Law Enforcement Officer Liability (F)

HJM 9: Public Safety Data Needs (B)

HJR 5: Additional Grounds for Denial of Bail (F)

SB 38/HB 243 Battery of CYFD Workers (D)

SB 111: Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Programs (A)

SB 123: Sexual Assault Exam Kit Processing (A)

SJR 4: Marijuana Possession, Use & Taxes (A)